First Independent Rotor Services of Texas

FIRST is a gas and steam turbine repair and consulting company that offers its services in the U.S.A. as well as abroad. F.I.R.S.T. has assisted over 350 turbine users with their repair decisions and directions for repairing parts as well as maintaining their gas and steam turbines. We offer third-party assistance, repair and outage scope writing and surveillance, it also trains the end users and select repair shops workforce in rotating and stationary repair methodologies. F.I.R.S.T is a wholly owned subsidiary of and is operating under P.T.E. (Paul Tucker Enterprises) and is located in Houston, TX, U.S.A


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Rotor Shop Construction Design

In addition to FIRST assistance to End Users via following repairs in the various repair shops, over the last decade, we have also assisted several repair companies in new repair shop construction and/or in the design and modification of current repair shops.

Those construction projects/modifications were performed to assist those shops in entering the gas & steam turbine rotor and component repair business.

We provide: Design Engineered construction prints Repair design flow.

Shops Utilizing F.I.R.S.T. Technologies
Preco Turbine Services, Houston, TX (2000)

Sermatech, Houston, TX (2001)

Wood Group, East Windsor, CT (2003)

ReGenco, Milwaukie, WI (2004)

Leading Edge, Houston, TX (2005)

Elliott, Houston, TX (2006)

ORMA, St. Petersburg, Russia (2007)

Capex, Buenos Aries, Argentina (2008)

Phoenix Turbine, Phoenix, AZ (2009)
FIRST F/7F Rotor Overhaul

This is a F/7 turbine rotor that FIRST oversaw the repair on at a customer’s site in Alaska. The rotor had 3 new turbine wheels installed and an End of Life study performed on the remaining rotor components.

The rotor repair process took approximately 17 days and by performing this work at the customer’s facility it saved the customer over 7 weeks of outage time. All of the rotor repair work was completed by plant personnel and they were directed by F.I.R.S.T


FIRST managed the utility personnel with rebuilding of a F/7 turbine rotor. The rotor is being balanced after the rotor was reassembled.

F/7EA Turbine Rotor Overhaul On-Site

This is a F/7F rotor being lifted out of its casing and on to a truck. This rotor was then taken to a repair shop and repaired. FIRST followed those repairs for the end user and kept them updated on a daily basis of the progress of the published schedule.

As technical issues arose, we were there in the shop assisting in the facilitating of those technical issues as well as the answers. All through the process, we continually advised our customer on the ideal directions and continued to drive (and beat) the established schedule.


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 Refurbished Turbine Wheels

FIRST offers the immediate availability of several different wheel frames to suit all your needs.

Frame 7B,C,E,EA and stages one through three resolved Bucket Rocking Issues

Average Fired hours: 20,000
Average Starts: 2,000
MPI Tests = 100% For FIRST’s Wheels the limits of TIL 1576 are NON-APPLICABLE
End of Life Inspections

We perform several End of Life Inspections & Modeling on various gas turbines.  Among those inspections, specifically we perform 3D phase array bore sonics, eddy current hardness & replication testing as well as mechanical testing.

While performing our inspections we are looking for internal flaws as well as surface & sub-surface indications, bore shrinkage and metal fatigue due to adverse operational characteristics of the gas turbines.

In-Situ Gas Turbine Compressor Rotor Blade Removal

Currently, compressor rotor blades for GE gas turbines are installed individually via dovetail slots in the compressor wheels. They are held in place axially by spacers on adjacent sides of the blades and locked into position with aggressive staking on the forward and aft sides of the wheels. Until recently, the only blades that could be removed with the rotor in place were those in the first and last rows of the compressor section.

We have developed the ability to remove and replace GE type compressor rotor blades inside the first and last rows without un-stacking the rotor. This procedure can be accomplished onsite with the rotor in the casing, or in a repair shop. The procedure developed by FIRST and its partners removes the damaged blade and the adjacent positioning spacers. A new blade and spacers are installed and secured using FIRST’s patented locking feature. Total time to remove and install one blade and its spacers is about eight hours.

RPM Turning Gear Modification

In a continuing effort to offer new and innovated ideas to turbine end users, FIRST is launching a new patented modification that will assist customers in reducing the amount of wear on their turbine rotor dovetails as well as the turbine rotor buckets.

This can be used on most O.E.M. gas or steam turbines that use an electric drive motor (AC or DC) continuous turning gear arrangement.

The new offering is called “R.P.M. Reduction Modification” or simply “R.R.M.”.  The modification slows down the turning gear speed from the standard 5 or 6 rpm speed to approximately 1 revolution every 1 to 3 minutes.