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Technical Bolting Solutions

TBS has been behind the scenes supplying special engineered turbine (rotor and stationary) bolting to the end users and many after market bolting suppliers and repair shops for nearly a decade. We use precision engineered quality methodologies and state of the art CNC machines to produce high quality bolting and fasteners for the Power Generation Industry. We specialize in turbine bolting manufacturing that includes thread rolling and center-less grinding of material from 1/8” to 12” in diameter. Our staff engineers and metallurgists are seasoned in their field and daily meet the challenges of offering the highest integrity products. We have the capability to create, adapt and manufacture any special bolting application in the gas and steam turbine industry.

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F/5 TB Rotor Bolting
F/7 Coupling Bolt Kit
F/5 Compressor Rotor Nuts
F/5 Marriage Bolts

These bolts are manufactured from 4140 stainless steel. These (24) bolts hold the compressor and tubine rotors together which makes up the unit rotor.

F/5 Distance Piece Bolt/Nut

This assembly holds the distance piece and the stage ½ turbine wheels together which makes up the turbine rotor


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F/5 Turbine Rotor Wheel Nuts
Cross Fire Tube Manufacturing
F/7 Compressor Rotor/Nuts
TBS manufactures “Total” gas turbine rotor bolting kits that contain every bolt and nut required to completely repair the rotor. We package these kits into customized containers to make easy identification and safe transportation and ease of usage. With as many as 200 bolts and associated nuts, TBS offers these “Total” kits to repair shops and OEM’s alike. We offer the “Total” bolt kits for the Westinghouse and GE model rotors.


Product Design Solutions

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TBS proudly introduces one of the latest innovative products for the turbo-machine industry. This industry has had previous problems relating to combustion gas turbine rotor wheel dovetail wear, so we have solved this problem by developing a new bucket seal pin design for combustion gas turbines users whose machines produce =/> 50 megawatts of power. This new design offers great advantages to base loaded and cyclic turbines alike. If you are interested in more details, please call TBS and we will be happy to work with you to see if your machine qualifies for this modification.

TBS introduces a new locking design for 12-point nuts

We have developed an innovative locking system that eliminates the current O.E.M. locking feature on gas turbine rotor bolts that have 12 point nut and replaces that with a re-lockable insert. The insert is threaded and shouldered into the existing 12 point nut. The bore of the insert is smooth and is just slightly larger that the bore of the threads on the nut/stud. The insert allows for two mechanical stakes to the face of the bolt. When the nut needs to be removed from the stud, the insert will stay with the nut and allow the nut and insert to simply walk away from the bolt. The threads of the bolt or the nut are no longer in jeopardy, yet the nut is fully locked. The new design allows for a safe and non-destructive locking device that locks the 12 point nut to the stud and eliminates typical ruining of the bolts/nuts during the nut removal process.